2. Project title as used in publicity and others materialsNOPLANETB
3. Project number388-137
4. Year of Call2016
5. Project start month and year11/2017
6. Project finish month and year04/2021
7. Name and location of lead CSO or LA
cso: Fondazione punto.sud

8. EU Member States where the project is being implemented





9. EU Member States where sub-granting will be providedN/A
10. Total project budget (in Euro):45,695.31
11. EC contribution to total project budget (percent):90
12. Main approach of the projectEducation/Global Learning
13.Main project on-line information channels used by the project: Website: www.noplanetb.net
Facebook: partners' facebook pages linked to the project website
Twitter: partners' twitter accounts linked to the project website
Youtube: partners' youtube channels linked to the project website
14. Why is the project taking place?NOPLANETB stems on the idea that small actions, which boost a change in people’s life, have a great impact when they demonstrate the benefits produced to a wider public. The idea has been further developed considering that financial support and the related assistance given to small and medium-sized CSOs unfolds their potential to perform advocacy and/or awareness raising initiatives, while promoting long-lasting changes based on evidence at local, regional, national and supra-national levels.This is believed to maximise the impact on the public and the emphasis of the ‘glocalised’ interconnections and the shared global responsibility on climate change risks, on their impacts on development either in the global South, or in European citizens’ own lives. Partners include Fondazione punto.sud (IT), taking the lead because of its experience in EU Programme management (incl. financial support schemes), in capacity development and in promoting accountability; AMI (PT), having a considerable experience in re-granting schemes; finepAkademie (DE) having great skills in lobbying, advocacy & capacity development of CSOs (in environment, too); Hungarian Baptist Aid (HU) having a strong experience in development education thanks to its extensive network; APEL (RO) being very active in DEAR projects; FAMSI (ES), being an association of local authorities.
15. Overall objective of the projectTo contribute to the development of knowledge and critical understanding among EU citizens on global interdependence and of a sense of co-responsibility of European society on climate change
16. Specific objective(s) of the projectTo promote the engagement of small and medium-sized CSOs active in campaigning and advocacy on environment to promote effective actions for the benefit of European citizens on climate change and sustainable living.
17. What will have changed as a result of the project? (Summarise the intended outcome)Component A. Financial support - Around 90 EU CSOs from six EU Member States are able to implement actions that contribute to enhance project achievements Component B. Capacity development and knowledge sharing - Selected organisations know the DEAR Programme, EU and UN agreements on climate change and implement efficiently the pilot projects in full compliance with the EU rules Component C - Strengthening networking opportunities - A network of CSOs working on awareness on climate change is established, its members exchange good practices and launch joint actions on specific issues related to their actions
18. Main themes and geographical areas covered by the projectcities/urban environment
ecology, biodiversity, natural environment
global citizenship
sustainable development
urban life
Europe: EU and EEA
19. Project target groups, audiences and/or participantsm. Non-formal education institutions (e.g. youth clubs, community centres, adult education centres)
q. Businesses and business organisations
20. Other target groups, audiences or participants not listed above
21. Main activities implemented by the projecttraining, project or curriculum development workshop/courses (one-off events lasting up to 1 day)
series of workshops/courses (involving the same individuals over several, not necessarily consecutive, days)
public meetings/public discussion fora
social media interventions and discussions initiated by the project
other activities not listed above (please specify in the following question)
22. Other major activities not listed above
23. Main achievement of the project to-dateAt the end of yr2, the number of NOPLANETB third parties reached 115, of which 56 big grants (12-18 months) and 59 small grants (3-10 months). Financial support was provided to the selected small and medium-sized civil society organisations to contribute to contrast climate change through the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. The selected CSOs were supported constantly by NOPLANETB partners, through the helpdesk support, trainings and webinars and monitoring visits, which enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of their actions. Contacts and exchanges among sub-grantees have been encouraged.