2. Project title as used in publicity and others materialsGlobal Issues - Global Subjects
3. Project number388-121
4. Year of Call2016
5. Project start month and year11/2017
6. Project finish month and year03/2021
7. Name and location of lead CSO or LA
cso: Foundation Center for Citizenship Education

8. EU Member States where the project is being implemented









9. EU Member States where sub-granting will be providedN/A
10. Total project budget (in Euro):3,075,965.00
11. EC contribution to total project budget (percent):90
12. Main approach of the projectEducation/Global Learning
13.Main project on-line information channels used by the project: Website: bit.ly/GIGSpro
14. Why is the project taking place?Bringing about long-term change in pupils' attitude to global issues and promoting development education needs a systematic approach that will sustainably mainstream global learning into formal education. The 'Global Issues - Global Subjects' project bridges this gap through tailored intervention targeted at subject teaching in secondary schools.
15. Overall objective of the projectThe project aims to promote global education and raise public awareness on development and cooperation policies through the inclusion of sensitive global issues (among others related to migration, climate change and gender equality) and UN Sustainable Development Goals in subject teaching within the formal education sector.
16. Specific objective(s) of the projectAs the project's specific objective, secondary school teachers will be motivated, skilled and confident in delivering quality development education, incorporating sensitive global issues and Sustainable Development Goals into their own subject teaching.
17. What will have changed as a result of the project? (Summarise the intended outcome)Teachers reached by the project will have better understanding of how global issues can be taught and discussed in subject-specific areas, contributing to delivery of a meaningful content through participative methods. Pupils will gain awareness of global issues and will be motivated to take actions for a more just and sustainable world as they will experience the role they can play in bringing positive change. Head teachers and education sector actors will acknowledge global education as crucial and will endorse the need to embed it into formal education.
18. Main themes and geographical areas covered by the projectclimate
gender equality
19. Project target groups, audiences and/or participantsa. Teachers, teacher educators, HE lecturers/ academics
b. Student/pupils from primary, secondary and tertiary levels
w. Other institutions (please give details in the next question)
20. Other target groups, audiences or participants not listed abovepolicy makers, education authorities
21. Main activities implemented by the projecttraining, project or curriculum development workshop/courses (one-off events lasting up to 1 day)
series of workshops/courses (involving the same individuals over several, not necessarily consecutive, days)
other activities not listed above (please specify in the following question)
22. Other major activities not listed abovedevelopment of subject-oriented educational materials/toolkits, local campaigns run by the pupils
23. Main achievement of the project to-date- A bunch of free-to-download publications in English and national languages, among them: i) Global Learning Framework brochure which contains brief and basic explanation of global learning concept, content and teaching methodology; ii) Subject-oriented toolkits that contain lessons plans which link subject topics with global issues. They have been designed as a ready-to-use (but adjustable), free help in global education. - More than 250 local campaigns on sensitive global issues run by the secondary school pupils. - More than 1600 long- or short-term trained teachers.