2. Project title as used in publicity and others materials
3. Project number309-527
4. Year of Call2011-12
5. Project start month and year05/2013
6. Project finish month and year04/2016
7. Name and location of lead CSO or LA

8. Name and country of project partners based in the EU



9. Total project budget (in Euro):
10. EC contribution to total project budget (percent):
11. Main approach of the projectfocussing on a campaigning and advocacy approach
12.Main project on-line information channels used by the project: Website: http://www.dortmund.de/de/leben_in_dortmund/umwelt/lokaleagenda21/fairerhandeleinewelt/faire_beschaffung/projekt__jede_kommune_zaehlt/index.html
13. Project background: Why is the project taking place? Why is the need form the project?Given its enormous market power in procurement, public authorities could make an important contribution to a socially sustainable globalization. But social criteria are rarely used in public tenders in Europe. A major part of the products procured are still manufactured in developing countries under disregard of workers’ rights. The reason: Procurement staff lack necessary skills, alternative products are missing and there are legal uncertainties. The project aims at tackling these challenges.
14. Overall objective of the project (as shown in the project log-frame)
15. Specific objectives of the project (as shown in the project log-frame)
16. Expected results of the project (as shown in the project log-frame)
17. Main themes and geographical areas addressed by the project
18. Project participants, audiences, target groups, beneficiaries. Please select all that apply and for each state the numbers actively engaged in the project to datem) Other Civil Society Organisations (targeted by the project)
q) Others (If mentioned: Please categorise these others)
19. Other beneficiaries not listed aboveprocurers, politicians, civil society, CSOs, decision makers on local, regional, national and europe-wide level
20. Main activities used by the project to engage its participants, audience and target group
21. Other major activities not listed above
22. Please give a short description of the major result or success of the project so far. (If you project is less than 1 year old feel free to ignore this question)We´ve conducted public tenders in an innovative and socially responsible way and developed effective measures, which are already transferred as best practice examples to other municipalities. We´ve bigger range of sustainable produced good, esp. in the area of workwear. We´ve now a better legal framweork for implementing SRPP in local + regional level. Decision makers and procurers in all three countries are more open and able to implent SRPP. We have a well working network on european best practice local authorities.