2. Project title as used in publicity and others materials
3. Project number353-107
4. Year of Call2013/14
5. Project start month and year01/2015
6. Project finish month and year12/2017
7. Name and location of lead CSO or LA
cso: Südwind - Association for Development Policy and Global Justice

8. Name and country of project partners based in the EU

9. Total project budget (in Euro):404,738,048.02
10. EC contribution to total project budget (percent):85
11. Main approach of the projectfocussing on a campaigning and advocacy approach
12.Main project on-line information channels used by the project: Website: www.cleanclothes.at
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CleanClothesKampagne/?fref=ts
13. Project background: Why is the project taking place? Why is the need form the project?The project takes the EYD 2015 as an opportunity to bring development closer to EU citizens. It will mobilize citizens´ participation in policy formulations and encourages european consumers to become active for improvements of working and living conditions of workers in global shoe supply chain. By choosing an object of everyday use – it would give global themes of development a personal relevance and provide a concrete example as to how changes in consumption and production can bring benefits
14. Overall objective of the project (as shown in the project log-frame)
15. Specific objectives of the project (as shown in the project log-frame)
16. Expected results of the project (as shown in the project log-frame)
17. Main themes and geographical areas addressed by the projectconsumption
democracy, accountability
human rights, justice
livelihoods, employment, decent work
sustainable development
Asia: South, South-East adn East
Central Asia and non-EU/EEA Europe
18. Project participants, audiences, target groups, beneficiaries. Please select all that apply and for each state the numbers actively engaged in the project to dated) Non-formal educators (e.g. youth leaders, community, adult, trade union educators)
e) Young people (< 25 years, outside formal education)
g) Journalists
h) Media institutions (print, broadcast, internet)
j) Employees (incl. trade union members)
k) Businesses and business organisations
l) Employee organisations/ trade unions
m) Other Civil Society Organisations (targeted by the project)
p) National and international decision makers (e.g. MPs, MEPs, members of government, civil servants, EC commissioners)
19. Other beneficiaries not listed above
20. Main activities used by the project to engage its participants, audience and target grouppublic meetings/public discussion fora
public demonstrations/events
lobbying actions
social media interventions and discussions initiated by the project
other activities not listed above (please specify in the following question)
21. Other major activities not listed abovefield research and publication of research reports
22. Please give a short description of the major result or success of the project so far. (If you project is less than 1 year old feel free to ignore this question)Success / project-midterm (06-2016) achieved: In the advertising campaign EYD 2015 more than 136 Mio. people were reached, with media work on environmental and social standards in the shoe supply chain approx 99 Mio. people have been reached; social media campaigns and public actions reach out to approx 300 000 people; 7 research reports have been published and disseminated in 15 countries; lobbying: 20 meetings with companies and 12 meetings with MEPs/EU Representatives had taken place; The advertising campaign EYD 2015´s successful outreach was taken up by partners for campaigning; the issue of environmental and social standards in the leather and foodwear industry seems to be "underreported" in media;