Project NumberYear of CallStatus(ongoing/completed)Name of lead CSO/LAProject title
1416-7052018ongoingla: Portugal Câmara Municipal de Loures, Loures MunicipalityPeople & Planet: A Common Destiny view details
2415-5612018ongoingcso: Oxfam Novib, NetherlandsClimate action by European citizens delivers for development view details
3410-1222018ongoingcso: People in Need1Planet4All – Empowering youth, living EU values, tackling climate change view details
4410-3632018ongoingcso: CEEweb for BiodiversityGame over? Do not let climate change end the game! view details
5414-4382018ongoingcso: WWF FinlandEat4Change - Mobilising youth for sustainable diets view details
6415-0102018ongoingla: REGIONE PIEMONTE Mindchangers: Regions and youth for Planet and People view details
7411-5152018ongoingla: Comune di MilanoFood Wave – Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action view details
8388-2232016ongoingla: Tuscany RegionWalk The Global Walk: Mobilizing Young Europeans in Support of Sustainable Development Goals view details
9410-1532018ongoingcso: WEWORLD GVCEnd Climate Change, Start Climate of Change #ClimateOfChange – A Pan-European campaign to build a better future for climate-induced migrants, the human face of climate change. CSO-LA/2019/410-153 view details
10388-1212016ongoingcso: Foundation Center for Citizenship EducationGlobal Issues - Global Subjects view details
11411-4432018ongoing: KLJB#Go EAThics: European youth stand up for sustainable food supply chains that respect migrant workers’ rights and reduce climate change, hunger and poverty as key drivers of migration. view details
12410-2702018ongoingcso: NGO Mondo"I Am European": Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century view details
13388-1692016completed: Start the change! - Educational model on global active citizenship to reach the Sustainable Development Goals with a special focus on the relationship between migration and inequality view details
14401-7982016ongoingcso: Diaconia ECCB - Center of Relief and DevelopmentSDGs and Migration - Multipliers and Journalists Addressing Decision Makers and Citizens in the EU view details
15376-5132016completedcso: North-South Centre of the Council of EuropePA Grant Agreement CSO-LA 2016 / 376-513 - Grant Agreement for Pillar Assessed Organisations between the European Commission and the Council of Europe view details
16401-7962016ongoingcso: Office for International Affairs of the City of CologneCulture and Peer-Learning for Development Education - to engage youth for SDGs on climate change, children rights and migration, focusing on refugee issues. view details
17388-1152016ongoingla: Municipality of Lampedusa and LinosaSnapshots from the borders – Small towns facing the global challenges of Agenda 2030 view details
18388-0532016ongoingla: CITTA' DI TORINORecognize and Change view details
19388-1382016ongoingla: REGIONE EMILIA ROMAGNAShaping fair cities: integrating Agenda 2030 within local policies in times of great migration and refugees flows. A campaign and advocacy project led and implemented by LAs view details
20388-3422016ongoingcso: Lithuanian Consumer InstituteGlobal learning approach on food waste in non–formal education view details
21388-1202016ongoingcso: Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives FoundationGlobal Education Goes Local view details
22388-0642016completedcso: European Environmental Bureau (EEB)Europe in the World – Engaging in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Cross sectoral CSO coalitions to engage European citizens and decision-makers in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals view details
23388-3492016ongoingcso: Minority Rights Group EuropeReporting Effectively on Development, Minorities and Migration view details
24388-1692016completedcso: Progettomondo MlalStart the change! - Educational model on global active citizenship to reach the Sustainable Development Goals with a special focus on the relationship between migration and inequality view details
25389-1012016completedcso: Caritas AustriaMIND: Migration. Interconnectedness. Development. view details
26388-1362016ongoingcso: Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology LTD (CARDET)Developing capacities together: European CSO-university networks for global learning on migration, security and sustainable development in an interdependent world (InterCap) view details
27388-3482016ongoingcso: Finnish Development NGOs – FingoGalvanising Global Citizenship Education - Bridge to Sustainable Development view details
28389-4502016completedla: Climate Alliance (ALA)Change the Power – (Em)Power to Change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice view details
29388-2262016ongoingcso: SwedwatchMake ICT Fair - Reforming Manufacture & Minerals Supply Chains through Policy, Finance & Public Procurement view details
30388-3242016completedcso: NaZemiCoherent Europe for Sustainable Development: Action for Policies that Will Make a Difference view details
31387-1392016completedcso: Fairtrade InternationalTrade Fair, Live Fair: Raising Awareness and Mobilizing the European Public to Advance Consumption patterns that Nurture the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) view details
32388-2242016completedcso: Christian AidSupporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through mobilizing EU citizens to support effective Financing for Development view details
33388-1242016ongoingcso: CISPGET UP AND GOALS! Global education time: ain international network of learning and active schools for SDGs view details
34388-1372016ongoingcso: Fondazione punto.sudThere isn't a PLANet B! Win-win strategies and small actions for big impacts on climate change view details
35388-1192016ongoingcso: CISU - Civil Society in DevelopmentFRAME, VOICE, REPORT! view details
36388-0272016ongoingcso: Nadacia Habitat for Humanity InternationalSolid Ground: Building Critical Understanding and Active engagement for Sustainable Development Goal “SDG” 11 and the “New Urban Agenda” (Habitat III), promoting global housing, land rights, resilient and sustainable cities. view details
37387-1312016ongoingcso: Umweltverband WWF Österreich (World Wide Fund for Nature)Responsible seafood consumption for the benefit of people, oceans and climate view details
38338-4932013/14completedcso: ALDA - ASSOCIATION DES AGENCES DE LA DEMOCRATIE LOCALELADDER - Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising-awareness view details
39338-4722013/14completedla: COMUNE DI BOLOGNAAMITIE CODE - Capitalizing On Development view details
40338-3782013/14completedla: Provincia autonoma di TrentoGlobal Schools: EYD 2015 to embed Global Learning in primary schools view details
41335-8442011-12completedla: CAMARA MUNICIPAL DE LOURESNetworking for Development: global learning for an effective development cooperation view details
42308-4282011-12completedla: Commune d’Ixelles, service Coopération InternThe Millennium Youth Project view details
43306-4072011-12completedla: Berlin CityTriNet Global - Local Authorities, Business Sector and Universities as Agents for Change view details
44287-9292011-12completedla: Neath Port Talbot County Borough CouncilDeveloping Confident Global Learning Communities view details
45287-8342011-12completedla: Region Rhone-AlpesREDSO - Regions pour l"Education au Developpemnt Durable et Solidaire view details
46352-2752013/14completedcso: CEEWEB A BIOLOGIA SOKFELESGERT“Time for Change: Promoting sustainable consumption and production of raw materials in the context of EYD 2015 and beyond!” view details
47282-1842011-12completedcso: WAR ON WANT LBGGlobal Learning: building awareness of tax justice and the MDGs in sub-Saharan Africa among EU public service workers view details
48281-6732011-12completedcso: WORLD EDUCATION BERKSHIRE LBGQuality or Quantity? Measuring our impact on pupil attitudes and actions on MDGs and related development issues view details
49281-5562011-12completedcso: SCOTTISH DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION CENTRE LBGChanging habits for good – learning and teaching for a fairer world view details
50281-1772011-12completedcso: DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION CENTRE BIRMINGHAM LIMITEDYoung people on the global stage; their education and influence view details
51281-0452011-12completedcso: LEARNING DISABILITY WALES - ANABLEDD DYSGU CYTIDE (Towards Inclusive Development Education) view details
52280-7742011-12completedcso: KENTRO STYRIXIS MI KYVERNITIKON ORGANISMON ASUNIDEV – Bridging the gap between theory and practice view details
53280-7082011-12completedcso: IRISH DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (IDEA) LIMITED LBGChallenging the Crisis – Promoting Global Justice and Citizens’ Engagement in a Time of Uncertainty view details
54280-6252011-12completedcso: PRACTICAL ACTION LBGTechnology challenging poverty: Make the link view details
55280-6182011-12completedcso: MINORITY RIGHTS GROUP LBGMinority Realities in the News view details
56280-2842011-12completedcso: INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATITeach Global Ambassadors view details
57280-2492011-12completedcso: CUMBRIA DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION CENTRE ASSOCIATIONThe World From Our Doorstep view details
58280-2282011-12completedcso: ACTIONAID LBGSend my friend to school: learning about the right to education and how to contribute to change within a democracy view details
59280-1882011-12completedcso: SUAS EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LBG"Development, the MDGs and Beyond 2015" – A European Programme For Global Citizenship for University Students view details
60279-8252011-12completedcso: JUBILEE DEBT CAMPAIGN LBGPrompting change in European attitudes toward the IMF’s development role and developing country debt management to help achieve the MDGs view details
61349-0332013/14completedcso: Fondazione ACRAEAThink2015. Global Learning for Change in EYD2015 and Beyond: European Youth Engagement from School Gardens to Sustainable Food Systems view details
62281-4822011-12completedcso: HORIZONT3000TRIALOG V: Strengthening CSOs in EU12/AC for active engagement in Global Development view details
63280-9602011-12completedcso: The Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU KehysDEEEP4 – Citizens empowerment for global justice view details
64339-2072013/14completedcso: GlopolisEat responsibly! An action-oriented global learning program view details
65338-3962013/14completedcso: Transnational Institute (TNI)EYD2015: Spotlight on the global food-land-climate nexus – mobilizing European support for sustainable management of natural resources and the human right to food view details
66338-1282013/14completedcso: NAZEMIScouting our way towards active global citizenship in EYD 2015 and beyond view details
67281-9372011-12completedcso: ACRA-Cooperazione Rurale in Africa e America LatinaHungry for Rights. Global Learning from Local Solutions in Alternative Food Systems view details
68281-4792011-12completedcso: GVC - Gruppo Volontariato CivileTeaching Microcredit in secondary schools: an active way to learn how to fight poverty, promote justice and solidarity and to overcome Eurocentric perspective in development education view details
69281-1252011-12completedcso: TamatIntercultural Joint Awareness Raising view details
70280-9262011-12completedcso: COSPE - Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi EmergentiClimate Change - Enhancing competences on reklationship between MDG 1 and 7 as effective approach to meet both goals view details
71280-7702011-12completedcso: Comunita Impegno Servizio Volontariato (C.I.S.V.)Parlez-vous global? Éduquer au développement entre migration et citoyenneté mondiale. view details
72280-6032011-12completedcso: ProgettoMondo Mlal“A possible world”. Enhancing global learning opportunities for young people with regard to sustainable development issues view details
73280-2942011-12completedcso: Oxfam ItaliaTABLE FOR NINE BILLIONS: promoting Europe’s role in growing food and climate justice worldwide view details
74280-2252011-12completedcso: CVM – COMUNITA’ VOLONTARI PER IL MONDOCritical reviews of the historical and social disciplines for a formal education suited to the global society view details
75353-1072013/14completedcso: Südwind - Association for Development Policy and Global JusticeChange your Shoes: EYD 2015 – Starting point of the way to a ethical and sustainable shoe supply chain view details
76338-4512013/14completedcso: CHRISTLICHE INITIATIVE ROMERO EVBoost for sustainable European supermarket store-brands as a key driver for the EYD 2015 and beyond. view details
77338-2782013/14completedcso: Friends of the Earth EuropeSchool of Sustainability in EYD 2015 and beyond view details
78338-1202013/14completedcso: C.I.E.S. Onlus – Centro Informazione e Educazione allo SviluppoS.A.M.E. WORLD ?SUSTAINABILITY.AWARENESS.MOBILIZATION.ENVIRONMENT in the Global Education for EYD 2015 view details
79309-5272011-12completedla: STADT DORTMUNDJede Kommune zählt: sozial gerechter Einkauf - jetzt! view details
80283-5282011-12completedcso: Kolleg für Management und Gestaltung nachhaltiger Entwicklung gGmbHClimCom – Climate Communication International Summer School for Multipliers on Communication of Climate Change Impacts, Poverty Reduction and Alternative Energy Use view details
81280-6922011-12completedcso: Klimabündnis ÖsterreichFair Village Event in Central and eastern European Municipalities view details
82280-3492011-12completedcso: Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ)Konsum und Verantwortung: Jugendliche lernen spielend die Welt zu verändern view details
83279-9382011-12completedcso: Christliche Initiative Romero e.V. (CIR)Fit for Fair – Global learning for decent work in the sportswear industry view details
84279-8592011-12completedcso: INKOTA-netzwerkMake Chocolate Fair! - Campaigning for more justice in global cocoa value chains view details
85279-8332011-12completedcso: Fairtrade Labelling Organizations InternationAdvocating together for EU Fair Trade policies view details
86338-1362013/14completedcso: Umweltverband WWF ÖsterreichRaising awareness for implications of seafood choices highlighting the global interdependencies in the context of the European Year for Development 2015 view details
87338-1312013/14completedcso: Oxfam Deutschland e.V.Make Fruit Fair! A Boost for Fair Tropical Fruits in the 2015 European Year for Development and beyond: Mobilizing European citizen to take action for fair tropical fruit supply chains (MFF) view details
88282-0512011-12completedcso: German Adult Education Association (DVV international - IIZ/DVV)Know your Lifestyle view details
89282-0212011-12completedcso: FINEP - forum for international development + planning -Museo Mundial- Global Learning in European museums to support the MDG agenda view details
90281-7152011-12completedcso: Lithuanian Consumer InstituteFair Trade: Raising Awareness view details
91281-6782011-12completedcso: BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH (BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency)Global Fairness – Schools as Agents for Change view details
92281-1552011-12completedcso: Oxfam NovibE-Motive: Learning from the South. Education for globalization view details
93281-1422011-12completedcso: Stichting “Wemos”“Health Workers for all and all for Health Workers” view details
94280-7552011-12completedcso: DACHVERBAND ENTWICKLUNGSPOLITIK BADEN-WURTTEMBERG EVFacilitating Global Learning – key competences of members from European CSOs view details
95280-5542011-12completedcso: Vereniging Milieudefensie/Friends of the EartMobilise for Extractive Industries Transformation – Awareness raising action to promote a positive contribution of European Extractive Industries to sustainable development and achieving the MDG view details
96280-5242011-12completedcso: Humana EstoniaSolidarity Schools in Baltic States view details
97280-4012011-12completedcso: Education Development Center (EDC)Global dimension in Social Sciences subjects in Formal Education view details
98280-2982011-12completedcso: MTU Noortevahetuse Arengu Uhing EstYESYoung Europeans for Global Development view details
99280-2882011-12completedcso: DiogeneSEMA (Sensibilisation - Expression - Motivation – Action) – Comprendre l’autre view details
100280-2832011-12completedcso: STICHTING LOKAAL MONDIAALBeyond (y)our World, young journalists on global issues: Mainstreaming development awareness in journalism education in the European Union view details
101280-2632011-12completedcso: Stichting Fair Wear FoundationCreating Change Agents in the European Garment Industry view details
102280-1152011-12completedcso: Heinrich Böll Stiftung e.V. (HBS)Teaching EcoFairTrade – an innovative approach to integrate the right to food to university lectures in Europe view details
103280-0842011-12completedcso: Stichting Wilde Ganzen/IKONReframing the message view details
104279-8002011-12completedcso: Transnational Institute (TNI)Making EU Investment Policy work for Sustainable Development view details
105279-7332011-12completedcso: Friends of the Earth InternationalFinancing sustainable futures view details
106279-6272011-12completedcso: Stichting Schone Kleren Kampagne / Clean ClothesMobilising Europe for a Living Wage for Garment Workers view details
107338-5032013/14completedla: COMUNE DI MILANOFood Smart Cities for Development view details
108338-5002013/14completedla: Climate AllianceEYD2015: The future we want - Local Authorities for Sustainable Development view details
109304-6922011-12completedla: City of MalmoGlobal Awareness in Action (Gaia) view details
110287-9362011-12completedla: Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad International (FAMSI)DEAR STUDENT: STrengthened and sUstainable Development in Educative centers and Network of local sTakeholders through DEAR view details
111280-9292011-12completedcso: Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)Cross-cutting development education into technology studies view details
112352-2482013/14completedcso: COSPE (Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti)Social & Solidarity Economy as Development Approach for Sustainability (SSEDAS) view details
113338-3382013/14completedcso: Future Worlds CenterMap Your Meal – EYD2015 view details
114338-1792013/14completedcso: ActionAid UKMobilising European citizens to place inequality and tax justice at the heart of the European development agenda view details
115282-0262011-12completedcso: RCN Justice & Démocratie [N.B. No partners identified in the Concept Note]Sensibilisation du public européen a la prévention des conflits par des récits radiophoniques view details
116281-6752011-12completedcso: Groupe de Recherche et de Réalisations pour le Développement Rural (GRDR)« Les OMD pour les OMD » Les Organisations de Migrants pour le Développement pour l’atteinte des Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement view details
117280-9342011-12completedcso: CNCD - 11.11.11World-Wise Europe: A more coherent Europe for a fairer World view details
118280-6212011-12completedcso: PlaNet Finance“University Meets Microfinance II” (UMM II) : A programme to strengthen cooperation between microfinance practitioners and universities in Europe” view details
120280-0072011-12completedcso: End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT France)Don’t look away – be aware & report the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism! view details
121279-7212011-12completedcso: European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)Addressing illicit capital flight for policy coherence for development view details
122279-6522011-12completedcso: ASTM - Action Solidarité Tiers MondeFrom overconsumption to solidarity – Enhancing citizens’ competence with regard to Europe’s responsibility for global sustainability view details
123353-0592013/14completedcso: CEE Bankwatch NetworkFinancing development and developing finance for EYD2015: a Pan-European campaign to align European investments in developing countries with the post-2015 MDG framework and the EU policies that promote sustainable growth and poverty reduction view details
124338-3092013/14completedcso: NGO MondoEYD2015: Media for Development view details
125281-9642011-12completedcso: ARPOK - Agentura rozvojove a humanitarni pomoci OlomouckehoExperiencing the world: a qualitative Global Learning program in Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia view details
126281-4612011-12completedcso: ADRA Bulgaria Foundation‘Equal Access to Development Education for All’ (EADEA) view details
127281-3702011-12completedcso: Artemisszió FoundationNorth-South Connection: Partnerships for a more just world between European and African schools view details
128280-9622011-12completedcso: CEE Bankwatch NetworkDemocratising energy for development: mobilising public support for fair energy relations and democratising the process regarding the EU Common External Energy Policy view details
129280-4122011-12completedcso: Fundacja Centrum Edukacji ObywatelskiejWorld-class teaching view details
130280-3022011-12completedcso: Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives - C.E.G.A. FoundationYouth of the World! – mainstreaming global awareness in youth work view details
131280-2872011-12completedcso: People in Need - PINTeachers: Agents of Change view details
132280-1072011-12completedcso: Fundacja Partners PolskaMakutano Junction: a multi-media approach to effective development education view details
133279-9022011-12completedcso: Partners Foundation for Local Development- FP8 GOALS... WE ACT! view details
134279-8112011-12completedcso: AUR - The National Association of Human Resources SpecialistsMultiplying Decent Work – Decent Life! view details
135338-5102013/14completedla: FELCOS Umbria“Don’t waste our Future! - Building a European alliance of youngsters against food waste and for new models of sustainable development and consumption in the EYD 2015” view details
136338-3832013/14completedla: Diputación Provincial de ValladolidRural DEAR Agenda – EYD 2015 view details
137329-9112011-12completedla: Regione ToscanaDo the Right(s) thing! Enhancing awareness among young Europeans on Human Rights, peace and development in the XXI century view details
138304-6892011-12completedla: Comune di TorinoJovens contra a violencia de genero view details
139288-1872011-12completedla: Vicenza MunicipalityYouth4Earth: enhancing global learning opportunities on sustainable development for local European communities view details
140287-9352011-12completedla: Region PicardieEuropean Dynamics for DEAR Efficiency view details
141287-8942011-12completedla: Climate AllianceLocal Authorities acting for the MDGs: Europe for more development view details